About Us

A Veteran Owned Small Business

What we do:

Realistic Target Company (RTC) provides “Friendly/Foe” firearms stress training materials that use
adhesive insert panels that are applied to the face of a master target to change the depicted threat
scenario. We believe that multiple scenario training is superior to the rote response that is solicited
when the “silhouette” target qualification process.


The Realistic Target Company is wholly owned by a veteran and former sworn law enforcement officer who is aware, first hand, of the demands placed on law enforcement.  The company has been in business since 1985 and all materials are copyrighted.  We inventory all materials and normally ship within one day of receiving an order.

Local, State and Federal Law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada

Special Features

  • Center-mass scoring on all targets ( except 6)
  • Sniper triangle NO. 19 and HK2
  • Overlay images are slightly larger to present the qualifier with life-like images at maximum range and in low light conditions
  • Bigger than life size figures
  • Targets and Overlays are suitable for indoor and out door use.


  • Provides realistic threat recognition training
  • A comprehensive stress training program can help to reduce Departmental and Officer Liability traced to inadequate firearms training.

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Realistic Target Company
P.O. Box 341
Somerset, WI 54025